6 Things About Construction Insurance

There's nothing worse than finding out too late that your insurance isn't as good as you thought it was. So, what should you ask as a contractor when thinking about your insurance? We've asked our partners at construction insurance specialists BDB UK Ltd the 6 most common problem areas they see with insurance proposals.

  1. Do you use heat away from your own premises – does your policy cover you for this and can you comply with the policy conditions?

We all know using heat on construction sites can be dangerous, and your insurer will want to know if you do. With the UK Fire Industry Association recording over 1851 fires on construction sites since 2014 its no wonder.

Don't wait until the fire-brigade have put the fire out to find out that you were not as covered as you hoped, if you work with heat make sure you tell your broker today!

  1. What height do you work to – is the maximum height limit provided by your policy sufficient for your activities? If you require a higher limit can your insurer accommodate this?

From window cleaners to scaffolders this is a highly important detail for your insurer, and don't think that it will just add to your costs either, after all if you only ever go up two floors you may well find your premium cheaper than if you are working on top of Forth Bridge.

  1. What depth do you work to – is the maximum depth limit provided by your policy sufficient for your activities?

Very similar to working at heights working at depth carries different risks dependent on exactly how deep.

Insurers will want to know if you intend to mine the Mariana trench or just dig a 6ft deep hole, so if you work at depth make sure you tell your broker how deep, you might find it saves you some money in the long run.

  1. Do you employ sub-contractors – does your policy extend to provide cover for them? If you use bona-fide sub-contractors do you comply with the conditions in your policy?

We've spoken about contractors and sub-contractors before it is very important to know what type of contractor you take on and therefore what your obligations are.

If you are unsure you can always call FSB Insurance Service (if you haven't already registered with us for free click here now) for free advice on 0208837976.

  1. Do you work at hazardous locations and is your current insurer covering your work at them?

This seems a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to tell their broker about working in hazardous areas, especially if its only occasionally.

But you'll soon feel the repercussions if something goes wrong and you need to claim, so make sure you tell your broker before you accept that job in a nuclear power plant or worse the Moon, both well-known hazardous areas.

Whilst it’s great to show potential client’s these sorts of jobs in your marketing it’s also important to make sure you tell your insurer if you don’t carry out this kind of work, you might find your bill goes down!

  1. Do you have an up to date Health & Safety policy and is it communicated to your employees?

Lastly, make sure your Health and Safety policy is clearly communicated to your staff, HSE have a great guide on how to do this here. You can use posters, emails or even in person briefings, just as long as you make sure you tell your employees what the deal is. If you don't, you might find you are not as covered as you thought you were.