Advice for Caterers in Summer

The rising impact of Health and Wellness in the Catering Industry

Health and wellness are huge movements that are continually gaining importance in your customers’ buying decisions. As more and more people opt for a healthier, more moderate lifestyle, industries in every sector are having to keep up with the move in a bid to attract customers and clients.

According to research by the Global Wellness Institute, in 2018, the global market for healthy foods was expected to reach $1 trillion, and currently, its swift growth shows no signs of slowing down. Thanks partly to a cultural awareness of nutrition and its impact on different aspects of a person’s health, the healthy food movement is booming. Businesses within the food and catering industry are trying to stay ahead of the game by keeping up with the demands of consumers.

There is plenty of scope for owners of catering vans and trailers to take advantage of this new area of the market. Business owners can offer a selection of healthy options for their chosen cuisine, to cater for all customers.  With catering being such a large industry in the UK, tapping into another popular industry, such as health and wellness, can be a recipe for success.

With a huge array of cuisine types and approaches, there is an endless amount of opportunities within catering. Along with opportunities however, come risks, and there are certain rules that must be adhered to in order keep things running smoothly. Insurance policies are required for a number of reasons within the catering sector.

Going to an Event?

Whether it’s a vegan festival or a wellness weekend, if you’re selling your food at an event, the organisers will likely require you have a minimum limit on your Public Liability cover. Many councils also require this in order for you to operate within their catchment area.

Public Liability protects you against any claims of injury or damage to third parties, whether from something directly related to your food and drink (food poisoning, burns etc.) or from other things such as tripping over your equipment. Public Liability insurance would cover your legal fees and compensation up to the agreed limit.

You may also require specific cover during transit; this will cover your road risk as well as damage, fire and theft. In-transit cover is included within the Commercial Express outside caterer scheme available to FSB Members. This is important to ensure that you are road-legal and not leaving yourself without cover whilst either driving or towing your catering vehicle. It is also possible to purchase additional cover for leaving your vehicle parked overnight.

Help prevent a claim

There are lots of possible ways to improve the security of your mobile catering van or trailer. Either by using physical locks or technological solutions, you can help either avoid a loss or mitigate the effects, lessening the impact of an incident and potentially even saving money on your insurance premium.

Food trucks can be attractive for thieves, and it’s important to ensure nothing of value is left in the van overnight or unattended. It may also be a good idea to put a sticker on the doors to help deter thieves. There are also a few ways to lock up your vehicle; you can fit extra padlocks to the doors and hatches of your vehicle to prevent unlawful entry. You can also get wheel locks, hitch locks and/or a security post to prevent a trailer being stolen.

Insurance Solutions for Mobile Caterers

FSB Insurance Service offers policies from A-Rated insurers that can cover your outside catering business, catering trailer and food vans. With the rise of healthy eating across the food industry, your business has never had more opportunity.

Commercial Express are offering FSB Members a catering trailer scheme which can cover unlimited employees, £750,000 turnover and 30% no claims discount.

If you operate from a converted caravan this can be included, plus free stock and money cover up to £500, £0 excess and £30,000 of business equipment.

With the catering van policy, you can get free recovery and mirrored no claims discount. You will be covered for fire damage, and accidental damage is covered for any of your drivers over 25.

The policies are ideal for catering business owners like you, with many features and benefits. With the catering industry growing, we would like to help you find the best option for your business.

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