Changing The World One Pedal At A Time

Many of us may have felt a little caged over the last few months of nationwide lock-down. Many of the FSB Insurance Services team have become a little less active in our day to day lives.

That is except one, Gema, our Existing Business Team Leader who has taken to her exercise bike for a great cause.

She's been feeling less like a caged lion and more like a hamster on a wheel. Fundraising for our chosen charity, Heart n Soul.

For the whole of May Gema is busy cycling 100 kilometres a WEEK. She has already reached a whopping 125 kilometres and is well on her way to reaching her 400 kilometre goal.

So why did we pick Heart n Soul?

Heart n Soul are a creative arts company who harness the power of the arts to enrich the lives of people with learning difficulties.

They provide activities and events to help showcase the creative talents of differently able people. This helps people with learning differences create high quality, life-changing art. Inspiring people and changing lives;

Art: Creating opportunities for artists to collaborate, create and share work, live, recorded, digitally and on-line.

Taking Part: High quality creative arts activities for people with learning disabilities.

Training: Supporting people with learning disabilities to gain new skills and experience, try new things, work with new people and move onto new opportunities.

Sharing: They encourage participants to share their art and how they do things with as many people as possible.

This gives differently able people the opportunity to have more choice. Become more connected, have more confidence and work towards more independent lives. All this for free too!

Heart n Soul are a really great charity, supporting people through extreme circumstances and helping people with learning disabilities have an active, creative social life. I wanted to do something that would challenge and motivate me, and I never do things by halves!

Gema - Exisiting Business Teamleader - FSB Insurance Services

The whole team at FSB Insurance Service are seriously impressed by Gema’s commitment. Even if it is whilst we lounge about being lazy on our sofas at home.

Want to find out more about Gemas fundraising efforts? Then just click here to see how you can help Heart n Soul too.