Help Available to Taxi Drivers

The FSB Insurance Service team were distressed to see that as many as 10,000 Taxi drivers could be left uninsured as a result of the collapse of an unrated Danish Insurer called Alpha Insurance. Taxi Insurance is a specialist area with a number of Insurance businesses focusing specifically on the trade.

One of our roles as a Right of Membership for all FSB members is to try to direct you to safe harbours for insurance, whether the policy is brokered through us or not. With this in mind, we have contacted our friends at Insure Taxi, serious specialists in this area who we’ve known for many years, and they have agreed to help any Taxi Driver who is an FSB Member.

Insure Taxi, part of The Insure Taxi Group, has been a specialist provider for Taxi Insurance for over 15 years. They pride themselves on being one of the largest Taxi Insurance specialists in the UK and with this have an extensive panel of Insurers. Insure Taxi has been exposed historically to failed Insurers but has always managed to secure alternative and replacement cover when this has happened offering continuity of cover. Enterprise was a prime example of this where a roll-over solution was created for all clients creating continuous cover maintaining the same renewal dates.

Insure Taxi had a historical connection with Alpha but after a review cancelled its agency to protect its clients in March 2017. No Insure Taxi clients are exposed to this current Insurer collapse with Alpha.

The FSB Quote Hotline number at Insure Taxi is 0333 400 1048 and they will offer FSB Members a £50 New Business Discount for all new taxi policies taken out. Call them now quoting FSB50 as they have fantastic rates and are writing high volumes of Alpha replacement business within our panel.

The FSB Insurance Service is here to provide advice and guidance to all members so, if you haven’t registered already you can do so here.