Help My Flight's Cancelled!

You should always check what your travel insurance covers to avoid any disappointment, for example a common omission in travel policies is flight cancellation.

But if this isn’t in your insurance package then what can you do in the event that your flight is canceled?

We asked our partners at Jackson Lee Underwriting for some advice for FSB Insurance Service customers about your rights as an airline customer.

The most important thing to remember is that all airline passengers are entitled to a full refund or alternative flight if your flight is canceled by the airline, regardless of:

  1. How long before the flight the airline informed them of cancellation of their flight.
  2. The reason for flight cancellation.

If you are stranded at the airport or abroad because your flight has been cancelled, the following applies:

  1. The airline should keep you informed of what’s going on. You can ask at a check-in desk or any available airline staff to give you an update at any time. You should also check your airline’s website or social media for updates.
  2. Airlines should have texted or emailed you, so make sure you check your email account for updates from your airline.
  3. You can also can check here for the status of your flights.
  4. Your airline has a duty to provide accommodation and reasonable subsistence if you are stranded at the airport or abroad. You are entitled to;

A reasonable amount for food and drink. At airports they normally provide vouchers that can be used at the airport.

Accommodation and subsistence if you are offered an alternative flight that is the following day or later.

Help with the cost of transport to and from the accommodation or your home if you can return to a home which is nearby.

A means for you to communicate including reimbursement of reasonable call costs to the airline.

Travel Insurance specialist Dipesh from our partners Jackson Lee Underwriting says;


My advice to clients at the moment would be to book a “Package holiday” and pay by credit card if possible as this gives client the best protection.
If any part of the package does not respond then under Package travel regulations, the package travel provider would have to give a full refund or offer an alternative holiday. Some may offer a credit note, but a customer can demand refund of monies rather than credit note.


So, if you are planning a trip away, make sure you know your rights in the event that your flight is cancelled in advance, ask for accommodation if you need it and are eligible, and don’t forget to claim back the costs of your calls to the airline.

Most of all book a package holiday and, if you can, use a credit card to pay for it.

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