Insurance Requirements For Driving In The EU

There are many aspects of Brexit that can be daunting to FSB members in the UK, and we may have an answer to one of the common concerns many people have had as it draws nearer.

If you do any business or travel within the EU after Brexit, will you require specialised insurance or permits to drive?

Confirmation from the Department for Transport

The Department for Transport (DfT) recently confirmed the intention to remain part of the Green Card-free circulation area and to ensure the UK continues to meet the EU requirements for third party motor insurance. This means that participating countries will not carry out extra checks on motor insurance for UK vehicles entering their country.

Graeme Trudgill, BIBA’s Executive Director said “This is excellent news for commercial and personal motorists as well as brokers and insurers and follows collaborative representation by BIBA, the MIB and the Association of British Insurers. Without such an agreement drivers would be faced with increased bureaucracy and delays at borders and insurance brokers would need to have in place mechanisms to physically issue 2.5 million Green Cards every year. This is exactly the solution we wanted.”

FSB Insurance Service’s MD, David Perry, is heavily involved with the British Insurance Broker’s Association (BIBA) and welcomes the news that drivers will not be subjected to extra conditions as a result of Brexit. He said "BIBA do a lot of unseen work which helps not just the Insurance Industry but, commercial and personal customers going about their daily business. Well done to Graeme and the team at BIBA for pursuing this outcome."

The proposal still requires the agreement of the EU Commission and at present is not expected to be in place when Brexit comes into force. We will continue to update members on the requirements for driving in the EU as more is revealed but there is currently a high probability that drivers will require 'green cards' at first while the proposal is agreed.