Reflecting On Our First Week

What a week! Since launching on 1 February FSB Insurance Service has been taking your calls and advising you on your insurance needs.

When we came in at 9am on Thursday 1 February we really weren’t sure what to expect, but the nearly immediate response from members calling us for advice and quotes was great. Our enthusiastic team were grinning all day!

As the week has progressed we definitely can’t say it’s been business as usual; FSB has such a huge variety of businesses in its membership that we’ve found ourselves challenged to find creative solutions for everything from fudge manufacturers to media companies. Luckily our sales advisors have been working hard to help everyone who calls and even if we can’t insure them, we will try to help them find someone who will.


We thought we’d ask some of our team what their personal highlights of the first week trading has been. Here are their responses:


Katie Freemantle, our Sales Manager says 'I can’t explain the feeling of pride that I have felt over the last week. The sales team have gone through months of training and are probably mentally exhausted, but when the phones rang on 1 February they were all filled with excitement and were answering calls with smiles on their faces. They have had quotation requests for all kinds of weird & wonderful risks and are going stronger than ever.'


Kat Heubeck, our Marketing Manager said ‘It was so exciting seeing different companies tweeting us and talking about our launch. Whilst we may know internally that we have something special here, it was really gratifying seeing the response from the industry press as well.’

Emmanuel Shobowale, one of our talented Sales Advisers said 'I think my highlight of the week was managing to get a policyholder both PI combined and an office package. Considering I'm still getting to grips with the system and our network of insurers, I was impressed with how quickly I could get it turned around.'

Our Underwriter, Andy Baker says 'The first full week has been a really interesting one, with a wide variety of enquiries coming in to us. We have been able to place cover across many product lines, with a number of different Insurers. The first week has certainly demonstrated the wide membership of the FSB'


David Perry, Managing Director says ‘I don’t know why, but I just love the fact that one of our early clients is a pub/restaurant on the Isle of Skye. We might have to find a way of getting the team there for next year’s Christmas Lunch!’

Thank you

We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who has helped us get to this point. As with any small business our success is not only a testament to the willingness of the team but those who have been able to help us get up and running. So whether you’re one of the people who helped build the company or someone who has called us up and bought insurance, we extend a huge THANK YOU to you all.