How We Helped Trouper's Bar In Stonehaven

Headlines have been dominated recently by the impact of torrential rain and storms in Scotland, with many areas suffering extensive flooding. This only compounds the concerns of many Scottish FSB members who are working hard to keep their businesses running after the lockdown enforced as a result of coronavirus COVID-19.

FSB Insurance Service policyholder, Simon Cruickshank, was faced with this when he found his business, Trouper’s Bar in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, was flooded overnight. Trouper’s Bar had fallen victim to the heavy rains and suffered damage to flooring, requiring a significant clean up and use of dehumidifiers just four weeks after reopening post-lockdown.

When Simon first spoke with FSB Insurance Service about getting insurance, he found his business was unable to get cover for flooding, as it was located in a ‘high-risk’ area. Andy, the Regional Manager in Scotland suggested that he consider getting a FloodFlash policy to supplement his normal business insurance and help mitigate the risk to his business.

FloodFlash fix a sensor to the outside wall of the insured building. This sensor detects the water levels at the premises and sends it wirelessly to FloodFlash HQ. The client selects what depth of flooding triggers the payout and the amount they are paid when that happens. As soon as flood water rises to the agreed depth, FloodFlash makes a full payment of the agreed compensation which can be spent on anything the policyholder chooses. The process normally takes less than 48 hours from flood to full payout.

Andy and Simon discussed his options and got a FloodFlash sensor fitted to trigger payment at two different depths. The policy would trigger a payout when flood water reaches 0.2m, and a further payout would be triggered if flooding reached 0.3m.

In the early hours of August 12th both of these trigger depths were met, and FloodFlash confirmed that payment was on its way later that afternoon and the money was in the business’ bank account the following morning. This money will go a long way towards helping Trouper’s Bar recover and the seamlessness of it has meant that Simon has one less thing to worry about in a difficult situation.


Simon’s impression of the process was very good, saying: “Very impressed with instant payment, I didn’t need to make any contact. FloodFlash delivered what they promised.”

Andy was equally impressed. “Wow, just wow. If only everything was as quick and easy as this. FloodFlash were determined to settle this with zero hassle and they did. Thanks to the team at FloodFlash for making the difference. “

FloodFlash can be used for businesses who are unable to get flood cover, and it can also be used to help businesses cover high excesses or temporarily relocate while their traditional insurance claim is being resolved. For more information about getting a FloodFlash policy, call FSB Insurance Service on 020 3883 7976 Monday-Friday, 9am-5.30pm and we’ll be happy to help you.