We are now part of the Good Employer Network

FSB Insurance Service are proud to share that we have been recognised by Croydon Council as an accredited Good Employer. Like many FSB members we work hard to ensure that we support our local economy and area, and this is just one of the ways in which we, as a national broker, ensure we’re doing good in our community.

Good Employer Network Principles

As an accredited organisation, we are now also a member of the Good Employer Network. The Charter is underpinned by a wider commitment of member organisations to live by the network’s principles as they operate and grow their businesses.

As members of the Good Employer Network:

  • We pay a fair wage
  • We undertake fair and open recruitment practice and creates sustainable employment opportunities
  • We promote local business opportunities and support local businesses
  • We support employees’ wellbeing and promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • We seek opportunities to support local communities, initiatives and campaigns
  • We take steps to minimise the businesses’ impact on the surroundings and the environment

We consider this an important element of being part of our local economy as we are a local business as well as a national insurance broker.