New Credit Solutions With Euler Hermes

Published 01/04/21

Many small businesses in the UK have found the past year financially concerning as several business, both large and small, have been forced into insolvency. The tumultuous financial situation has left many businesses being understandably careful when considering entering into new business relationships and wondering about their debtors’ credit risks.

With this in mind, we have partnered with Euler Hermes, who have been providing credit insurance for 100 years and have one of the strongest reputations in the market, to provide credit solutions for FSB members.

Credit Checks and Credit Risk Analysis

FSB Insurance Service registrants have access to ten free credit checks of potential and/or existing debtors through Euler Hermes, who can analyse the credit of businesses in 57 countries* and return a score of 1-10 with traffic light indication to illustrate their potential risk.

Access 10 free credit checks and register for FSB Insurance Service here.

Registrants can also access, for free, Euler Hermes’ Credit Risk Analyser platform, where you can get an analysis of your entire book of invoices and debtors to build a dashboard to monitor your debt’s health and risk.


Register for FSB Insurance Service and access the Credit Risk Analyser here.

Credit Insurance Solutions

Through Euler Hermes, FSB members can get access to competitive credit insurance products and pricing, including their whole-book credit insurance and their Tradelock product, which provides single-invoice credit insurance so that you can insure invoices against non-payment due to insolvency or protracted default if your debtor can’t or won’t pay and the service or product provided isn’t in dispute.

Register to gain access to Tradelock here.

Find out more about credit insurance here.

*For more information, you can find out more about Euler Hermes’ local offices here: