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Insurance Products

We can help you get cover for any business from architect to zoo!


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Shop Insurance

Shop insurance packages cover your trading risks for a standard retail business that has no manufacturing on-site.


Professional Indemnity Insurance

Anyone providing a professional service who works with clients is potentially at risk of claims made against them for negligence.


Tradesperson and Professionals Insurance

Tradesperson and Professionals Insurance provides cover for your Legal Liability arising out of damage to third parties, caused by your work.


Pub and Restaurant Insurance

Insurance covering your trading risk for your pub or restaurant business.


Directors and Officers Insurance

Directors and Officers are at risk of being sued for reasons relating to their roles, this is to cover costs incurred by the individual and the company.


Commercial Combined Insurance

A Commercial Combined policy allows you to focus on the covers that you think are more relevant to your own business.


Loss Recovery Insurance

Obviously we all hope we never have to make a claim, but sometimes we’re unlucky, and sometimes an issue can arise during the claim process that you may not be best equipped to deal with.


Hotel Insurance

Hotel Insurance Packages cover your trading risk for any Hotel, Bed and Breakfast or Guesthouse.


Landlord Insurance

A Landlord Insurance package provides cover for your legal liability as the owner of the property.


Office Insurance

Whether you work from home or from a separate business premises an office package policy should provide you reassuring peace of mind that your business property and liability is covered.


Motor Trade Insurance

Motor traders come in many forms, so it is important to have coverage that matches your individual business requirements, whether you trade from home or separate business premises.


Flood Insurance

FloodFlash use their smart sensor and technology to remove the uncertainty, cost, and time often involved in traditional insurance. As a result we can provide fast, easy and flexible cover to the businesses and landlords that need it most.


Trade Credit Insurance

With Trade Credit Insurance you’re in complete control. Select exactly which transactions you want to cover from one or more customers, or choose to cover all invoices for any of your customers.