Tradesperson & Professionals Insurance


Tradesperson & Professionals Insurance provides cover for your Legal Liability arising out of damage to third parties, caused by your work.

Cover is usually available to cover own tools, plant and equipment, hired in plant and equipment as well as contract works cover for materials.

Who needs Tradesperson & Professionals Insurance?

This Insurance Package is suitable for any contractor who works on third party property, and for those employing a small number of staff for which Employers Liability is a compulsory requirement.

What does it cover?

Public and Products Liability as well as Employers Liability, where required, for those employing staff or utilising volunteers or with people on work experience or apprenticeships. As an employer, you will need to provide your ERN or PAYE number to your insurer to validate the policy (read more here)

Cover for your own tools and equipment, as well as hired in plant and equipment.

Contract works, providing cover for materials on site.

What else might you need?

Other things to consider

For those employing any staff Employers Liability is a compulsory requirement. In the event of injury to an employee under your duty of care, this will cover any compensation and costs you are required to pay.

As an employer you will be required to have a ‘certificate of insurance’ which proves you meet this legal requirement, and it's important to be able to distinguish between 'labour-only' subcontractors and 'bona-fide' subcontractors.

Any 'heat work' carried out will need to be declared to your broker and insurer. Read more here.

All Tradesmen & Professionals cover is subject to the underwriting criteria, terms and conditions of the insurers. Please contact our team for further details and to discuss your requirements.

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