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Senior Leadership


David Perry


“With a diverse background in Insurance and founding the FSB Insurance Service in 1993, I’ve had quite the journey. Although I claim to be from posh Surrey, truth is, I hail from Croydon and proudly support Crystal Palace. Music is my passion—I play the guitar and dream of rock stardom. Oh, and insurance? Surprisingly thrilling!”


Katie Freemantle

Managing Director

“With over 15 years experience in Commercial Insurance, I hope I know a thing or too and can use this to help FSB members with their insurance needs. Born and bred in Croydon, I enjoy jetting away whenever possible, attending theatre productions, music concerts, and cheering on Tottenham Hotspur to victory! 😉”


Vicky Dodsworth

Finance Manager

“I’m Vicky and I’m the Finance Manager for FSB Insurance Service. I have 13 years experience working in the insurance industry, having previously worked for Arthur J Gallagher. I studied medieval history at university and in my spare time I love to read, knit, and watch true crime documentaries.”

Regional Managers and Handlers


Andy Wright

Scottish Area Manager

“I’m Andy, the Scottish area development manager at FSB Insurance Service based in Ayrshire. I’ve been looking after the commercial insurance needs of developing businesses for many years, having failed in my childhood ambitions of becoming the first Man on Mars. I love being on the road, enjoy sports, and a good quiz. I look forward to meeting with new and existing members to discuss your insurance needs.”


Cathie McGuiness

Scottish Account Handler

“I’m Cathie, a commercial broker with FSB Insurance Service. Based in Scotland with too many years of insurance experience for one so young. I love to travel, especially to France as I speak a little of the language. My spare time is spent between spin classes, walking, live music, and festivals.”


Anne Butler

Senior Executive

“I’m Anne, the Northern Area Development Manager at FSB Insurance Service, originally from North Yorkshire, so I appreciate good value as you would expect. I’ve been working with the FSB for over 25 years now, most of which have been looking after the Insurance requirements of Members. Anyone who knows me will tell you I love my holidays especially if there is an opportunity for my new hobby of Zip Wiring!”


Tammy Swingewood

Northern Account Handler

“I’m Tammy Swingewood, a highly experienced Commercial Account Handler at FSB Insurance Service. With 20 years in the industry, I bring expertise in insurance, effective communication, and business growth.”


Paul Bennett

Northern and Scottish Borders Area Manager

“Paul here, Area Development Manager for FSB Insurance Service based in Newcastle, covering Northern England and the Borders. With 30 years of insurance experience, I specialize in meeting the commercial insurance needs of businesses. I enjoy getting to know clients, ensuring their business protection, especially in hospitality, leisure, construction, and charity sectors. Outside of work, I’m a Newcastle and rugby union fan, I love going to the cinema and attending live music events.”


Russ Stone

Central and Wales Area Manager

“I’m Russ, the Central and Wales Area Development Manager at FSB Insurance Service Ltd. With 20+ years of experience, I specialize in Contractors/Construction risks. I build strong client relationships and provide tailored insurance solutions, excelling in Cyber Insurance, Engineering risks, General Liability, and Professional Indemnity. Outside of work, I enjoy dining out, movies, music, and time with my Chow Chow.”


Rob Ratcliff

Southern Area Manager

“20+ years background with insurance brokers ranging from large multinational institutions to small family-owned organisations has given me a broad and wide-ranging experience to deal with the many and varied businesses that make up the FSB membership. A strong team is also on hand for me to call upon to help deal with niche and unusual risks.”

New Business Broking


Courtney Tucker

New Business Team Leader

“Hi I’m Courtney, an insurance professional with 5.5 years of dedicated experience in the field of commercial insurance. I started my insurance journey at the young age of 18, and hail from the vibrant borough of Croydon. Beyond the world of insurance, I have a keen interest in photography and often find solace and creativity through the lens during my spare time. With a strong foundation in the insurance industry I’m ready to help FSB members find the right cover for their business.”


Graeme Fingland

New Business Handler Scotland

“I am a dedicated Commercial Sales Advisor at FSB Insurance Service, with over twelve years of experience at major insurers. I bring expertise in commercial insurance and a strong commitment to delivering exceptional service. I’m dedicated to continuous lifelong learning and professional development. My journey from Standard grades at Rosehall High to my current role exemplifies my commitment to growth and excellence. I’m excited to support businesses in achieving their insurance goals at FSB Insurance Service.”


Suzie Armstrong

New Business Handler Scotland

“I’m Susan Armstrong, an Account Handler with years of dedicated insurance expertise. I specialize in commercial insurance, offering tailored coverage and invaluable advice to small business owners. With a deep understanding of liabilities, general insurance, and insurance brokerage, I provide exceptional service and support to FSB members, empowering them to make informed insurance decisions.”


Rajmin Mihah

New Business Handler

“I’m Rajmin, a member of the Sales team at FSB Insurance Service. With 4 years of insurance industry experience, I bring expertise to the table. Outside of work, I’m a fitness enthusiast who enjoys spin classes and working out without feeling like it’s exercise. Exploring new places and indulging in great food, especially street food and food festivals, are some of my favorite pastimes. I’m also a sucker for being a tourist in my own city, London.”


Danny Hession

New Business Handler

“I’m Danny from Canning Town. I got my start in insurance at just 18, I love the challenge of finding the right solution for FSB members insuance needs. As a die-hard Tottenham fan (unfortunately) and I have traveled across Europe to Spain, Italy and Germany to watch them play.”


Jamie Jotanga

New Business Handler

“I’m Jamie Jotangia, an Insurance Advisor at FSB Insurance Service, with 2+ years of experience. With a background as an Insurance Broker and in sales support and management, I bring expertise in personalized insurance solutions, communication, and problem-solving.”

Existing Business Broking


Gema Compton

Exisiting Team Leader

“Hey, I’m Gema, a member of the Existing Business Team at FSB Insurance Service. With 10+ years of insurance experience, I’ve worked across Personal Line and Commercial Insurance. My hobbies include crafting (especially card making), reading, and binge-watching American Drama Series. Despite not tanning, I absolutely adore holidaying in warm countries.”


James D’Monte

Existing Business Handler

“I’m James D’Monte, a dedicated Commercial Account Handler at FSB Insurance Service. My focus is on providing exceptional customer service and expertise in insurance packages. I’m committed to excellence, personal growth, and building strong relationships, making me an invaluable asset to the team.”


Sam Littlehales

Existing Business Handler

“I’m Sam and I am part of the Existing Business Team with over 20 years experience in insurance. I have been with FSB Insurance Service since November 2020 and my hobbies include shopping, socialising with friends and family and I love to holiday abroad as much as possible.”


Laurence Parker-Lennox

Existing Business Handler

“With my strong background in sales and customer service, I am dedicated to delivering exceptional service to our valued customers. I have a passion for learning and adaptability, which allows me to excel in my role as an Existing Business Handler. I am committed to contributing to the continued success of FSB Insurance Service.”


Cathy Gleeson

Existing Business Handler

“I’m Cathy, and I am Existing Business Handler with over 30 years’ experience in Insurance. I am from Sutton, Surrey, but my Parents are Irish (so I’m called a plastic Paddy). I love going to the Theatre and different race courses venues, as I like a little flutter.”

Development, Finance, Compliance and Marketing


Paul Mayhew

Development Manager

“Hey, I’m Paul, the Development Manager at FSB Insurance Service. With extensive experience in the insurance industry, I thrive on connecting with people. Outside of work, I’m a dedicated supporter of Crystal Palace FC and a busy dad to my little boy. Running helps me stay fit. Let’s chat and find the perfect insurance solution for you!”


Coreena Heyes

Assistant Finance Manager

“Hi, I’m Coreena, Finance Assistant at FSB Insurance Service. I have over 10 years’ experience working in the insurance industry in various roles. I joined FSB Insurance Service in December 2020, having previously worked for Arthur J Gallagher and Aon. I love trying new places to eat, spending time with family and friends and going on nice Holidays. I also have a passion for interior design and shopping!”


Elisabeth Rodgers

Finance Assistant

“Hi my name is Elisabeth, but most people call me Liz, I’ve been working in the insurance field for over 10 years on moving to Croydon from Milton Keynes for love. I’ve worked for FSB Insurance Service since September 2018, My hobbies are varied, including scouting as a leader in a local group, I like reading and also craft work(making things) and spending time with my family.”


Jo Hyatt

Finance Assistant

“I’m Jo, I have over 13 years insurance experience gained in working in various roles. I joined FSB Insurance Service as a Finance & Admin Assistant in May 2018. In my spare time, aside from being a mum, I enjoy spending time with family & friends, eating out and keeping fit and shopping!”


Andrew Bishop

Audit and Training Officer

“I’m Andrew (commonly known as Bish) and I fell into insurance many, many years ago. I joined FSB Insurance Service back in 1994 and have fulfilled a number of roles. I am looking after compliance and mentoring to pass on the benefit of my experience. A Chartered Insurance Practitioner, insurance even occupies my spare time as I am a council member and treasurer for the Insurance Institute of Sussex.”


Duncan Ruby

Marketing Manager

“I’m Duncan, and I’m on a mission to make insurance fun! An experienced marketer skilled in graphic design, digital marketing, and specializing in email, lead generation, and social media. I’m dedicated to maximizing revenue for businesses through effective strategies and automation. With expertise in team management and innovative solutions, I add value to FSB Insurance Service.”