Credit Insurance


Trade credit insurance provides cover for businesses if customers who owe money for products or services do not pay their debts, or pay them later than the payment terms dictate. It gives businesses the confidence to extend credit to new customers and improves access to funding, often at more competitive rates.


Furthermore, should the worst happen and one of your buyers becomes insolvent or just cannot afford to pay you, you would be able to make a claim and safeguard your business’ cashflow.

Banks and trade financiers are often more willing to provide trade finance, or may be prepared to offer more favourable lending terms to businesses with a credit insurance policy, as this can demonstrate that your business is a more reliable risk.

Who needs Credit Insurance?

If you are wary of entering into new business contracts with debtors you’re not sure about, you might have started checking their credit risk, or turning down potentially lucrative contracts due to perceived riskiness. If this is the case, you may benefit from credit insurance, which can reimburse you for debt owed by insolvent debtors and will also cover you for protracted default (can’t pay, won’t pay)

Businesses could also benefit from credit insurance if they have accumulated bad debt over the past year or so, and are concerned this will be a mounting problem going forward.

What does it cover?

Trade credit insurance covers the financial risk of debtors whose invoices from the insured business go unpaid. This can come with a few different conditions, for example some funders who offer bad debt protection will only cover non-payment of invoices due to debtor insolvency and some will cover non-payment due to protracted default or non-payment within a specific period.

FSB Insurance Service has partnered with Euler Hermes to provide Credit Insurance to FSB members with access to their product suite which includes both EH Simplicity and Tradelock.

EH Tradelock

Tradelock covers single invoices issued to business invoices, for those who aren’t ready to insure their whole book of invoices. You can insure invoices against non-payment due to insolvency and against protracted payment defaults.

To access tradelock, register for FSB Insurance Service and you’ll receive a link to the portal in your welcome email.

EH Simplicity

With EH Simplicity you can cover your whole book of invoices at set prices depending on your turnover, covering invoices for goods and services supplied to business customers on credit terms no longer than 90 days after the date of invoice, where the total debt is £200 or more.

You can cover invoices issued to businesses based in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and USA.

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Other things to consider

All cover is subject to the underwriting criteria, terms and conditions of the insurers. Please contact our team for further details and to discuss your requirements.

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