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Professional Indemnity Insurance


Anyone providing a professional service who works with clients is potentially at risk of claims made against them for negligence.

Professional Indemnity insures a person from suffering a financial loss due to claims of negligence, defamation, breach of confidence etc.

Who needs Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Anybody who is providing a professional service for a fee needs Professional Indemnity as a claim made against you could potentially ruin you financially without protection in place.

Trades which may need this are very varied and include accountants, solicitors, architects, consultants and designers.

What does it cover?

Your professional risk for errors and omissions. Cover for legal costs and expenses incurred in defending you, as well as damages and costs that may be awarded, for the alleged provision of inadequate advice, services or designs that cause your client to suffer a financial loss.

What else might you need?

  • Office insurance
  • Directors and Officers
  • Employer’s Liability, for which you will need to provide your ERN or PAYE number (read more here)

Other things to consider

All Professional Indemnity cover is subject to the underwriting criteria, terms and conditions of the insurers. Please contact our team for further details and to discuss your requirements.

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